Quality Approach

In order to constantly improve our services, we opt for a qualitative follow-up in two stages:

  • An evaluation at the end of the training, for immediate feedback on your impressions in terms of learning, quality of services and level of operational satisfaction of your experience.
  • An evaluation after the training and your return to the field, for more concrete feedback in terms of skills development, efficiency and general level of satisfaction with your training.

Our courses are rated and visible to the public, helping us to guide our customers in their choice of training.


Your feedback is valuable for developing services that are in line with your expectations and for providing you with the keys to your success.

Somaa is particularly committed to returning to work and has observed a post-training return to sustainable employment rate of 92%.


Somaa’s solutions meet the strictest training quality standards:

Quality certification has been issued for the following categories of action:

  • training actions