Better learning experiences

Say goodbye to the constraints of conventional classrooms. Somaa’s live training workshops allow for a truly bespoke and engaging learning experience for teams.
Combine digital learning content with face-to-face training, for customised learning projects
A partner network of over 120 trainers from a variety of industries
Our pedagogical engineering practices allow for targeted and customised learning pathways
Learn in groups or individually, depending on your needs

Virtual classrooms

Learn in groups or individually
We connect you with an expert tutor, aligned with your learning need
Connect with your tutor through our comprehensive video platform

Flexible learning

Allow your teams to learn from anywhere in the world while retaining social learning practices to develop employee relations at work.

Intra-company training

You choose the date, place and time of the training according to your requirements.
The programme, developed by Somaa experts, is delivered “turnkey”; projects are provided according to quality standards specific to all of our training courses.

Strengthen internal cohesion

Because participants come from the same organisation, they share the same corporate culture. Bringing together employees from the same organisation also strengthens links, synergies on projects and internal cohesion.

With intra-company training, it often allows for better contextualisation between training and issues specific to the company.